Sunday, January 6, 2008

Guarding Your Heart

Well I haven't been posting everyday... I think I've decided that I won't make that a goal for the year anymore. I think some days I should keep some posts up for longer than a day and then other days I'm busy doing other things, so I think it's best to not make it a goal. But I will still be updating regularly!

Something I read in Proverbs the other day really spoke to my heart:

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."
-Proverbs 4:23

I now make that verse a prayer to God throughout the day when I know that my heart needs to be guarded. And you know what? It really helps. "Guard my heart, God. Above all else, guard my heart." It's a simple prayer yet God answers it for me everytime I ask Him to. Of course it takes some effort on my part. I can't just say, "God, I'm not putting any effort in this... I'm still going to think these thoughts but just guard my heart, okay?" No, I need to put effort into my request by first sincerely asking God to guard my heart, and then by putting forth some effort by trying my best to get the wrong thoughts out of my mind before they reach my heart and take root there.

I want to encourage you to make Proverbs 4:23 a prayer that you pray to God every day. And pray it everytime you realize that your heart needs to be guarded [you're thinking about a guy/girl in a lustful way, you're having thoughts that you know you shouldn't have, etc.].

"God, guard my heart. Oh, above all else, guard my heart!"


Morgan said...

LOL Divine appointment, Molly? ;] I read that verse in Proverbs a couple of weeks ago, and it really, really stood out in my mind like it did you. I think I scribbled it in the back of my Bible too. Great proverb. But it's funny, because I kind of came across it by 'accident', as I've been studying in Daniel. God really used it for me too. :]

I think we just think alike or something, lol. Happy new year! :]

Emily said...

I think that will be a prayer I pray every day Molly. Thanks for sharing! It's such a great verse to meditate on and know that the Lord CAN help guard your heart!


On a Joyful Journey! said...

Just this past Sunday I was doing some Bible study on parenting and in a book titled "Shepherding a Child's Heart", this is one main verse that the author, Tedd Tripp, emphasized. This verse has such power in all our lives when we understand how to apply it... God's sufficient grace enables us to "guard our hearts" through the understanding of His word. Thanks for sharing, Molly!

morgan said...

Psh, yeah, you're right. I'd always heard NH was pretty libertarian, but looking at the results, they aren't. They picked a really liberal Republican (if that's possible) lol. Bah, oh well. Their loss. :[

morgan said...

Oh yeah, I was going to ask you... Do you remember that time on ECT when I did this topic called "controlling our thoughts" or something along those lines and you mentioned this book that you'd read by Joyce Meyers, and it was for teenagers or girls or something---anyway, what was the title of that? I was wanting to try to find it at the bookstore. ;]