Monday, November 19, 2007

Anxiety About the Future

I woke up around 9:20 this morning and missed one of my classes. I was so exhausted. I went to one of my classes and then went back to sleep around 11:00 and slept until around 12:30. Then I ate lunch and baked cookies. Then I caught up on my classes that I missed. I'm sick, so the rest that I got I did need. God has been working with me in the area of hurry sickness [read the post "Hurry Sickness"] in that way [I just took the time to let my body rest] and in other ways throughout the day today. My mom, my sister, and me went shopping tonight and we were at a busy intersection and for some reason the light would NOT turn green. I think something was wrong with the light. But neither of us got mad or even impatient [me and my mom are both trying to work on this] which was kinda surprising. We just turned left when the left arrow [which was the only light that would let us go] turned yellow for us to go... So then we had to go around and get to where we were going a different way. But something one of my old teachers used to say about getting behind a slow driver, "Whenever I get behind a slow driver, I think about the person in front of me being an angel from God, protecting me." Because think about it; Maybe if you hadn't of gotten behind that slow driver you would've gotten in an accident farther up the road.

Something else that God worked on me with today was my self-image. I felt awful today because I'm sick and exhausted. So I didn't feel too pretty haha. But God kept reminding me about what I've been reading about in "The Truth About Guys" book [read previous post] and how I'm valuable and beautiful and outside looks are NOT all that matter!

We actually didn't have Bible Study tonight because I wasn't feeling well and it's at my house... and Darla was sick, too. Ana and Emily K. couldn't make it either, so I think it was better to just skip this week. I would have loved to have it, and I didn't want to cancel it, but I was going to be leading this week and I was so tired and everything. I am feeling better, though!

I got some Christmas shopping done tonight. I can't believe there's only 35 days left until Christmas! It seems like Christmas was just over! The years go so fast anymore.

Which brings me to another point - I really have no idea what my future holds. I could worry and worry and worry about it, but I realize that that is just a waste of my time, my energy, and my emotions.

Jesus tells us not to worry [Matthew 6:34].
Jesus tells us that He will give us the desires of our hearts if we delight ourselves in Him [Psalm 37:4].
Jesus tells us that He knows the plans He has for us[Jeremiah 29:11].
Jesus says that He will work out the plans for our lives [Psalm 138:8].
Jesus says that everything works together for those who love Him and to those who are called according to His purpose [Romans 8:28].
Jesus says to cast all of our anxiety on Him, because He cares for us [1 Peter 5:7].

So why worry? I have no reason - no reason - to worry. God is in control.

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Emily said...

Again! Wonderful post! I often worry a lot. That was a good reminder that God does not want be to worry so much. Also, I like the story about the slow driver. It really helped and I think it will help when I get to be driving by myself soon! Glad to hear you've been learning!