Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well this morning I got up at 6:00, got a shower and got ready, ate breakfast, and THEN read Proverbs 10. I realize that I need to put God first in my day, but I was really low on time (my friend picked me up around 6:45 and so I just thought about myself first. :[). Then I went with my friend to her church to help out with the senior citizens. Her church collected a bunch of stuff to give out to senior citizens who don't have a lot of money like to buy things for Christmas and stuff. So basically I guess it's kind of our Christmas gifts to them. But it was nice. They were giving out groceries, clothes, quilts, jewelry, wall pictures, books, etc. and even had a free brunch for them. Me and Ana worked two tables -- the craft table and the pictures table. We gave them a bag to put their stuff in, told them what to do and where to go, helped them with their stuff... I helped two ladies out to their cars and got to talk to some older people. It was just nice. I love older people and as of now, I really think that God wants me to work with older people as my career. Ever since I was 10 I've wanted to be a nurse. And I've always loved older people. So it makes sense. But I want what God wants for me, so we'll see if He calls me somewhere else later on in my life.

You know, Christmas gifts are much more than just tangible things. True gifts come from the heart. If you spend time with older people in a nursing home or doing something like I did today for them, then I think that's a gift to them. The same goes with your family and your friends. If you're giving a gift just to give a gift and get it over with, then it's not coming from your heart and it's not truly a gift. And remember the greatest Gift of all, which is what Christmas is really about -- Jesus Christ and the reason He came to this earth -- YOU. He offers each and every one of us the gift of Salvation and we should be telling others about this Gift and about God's amazing grace! Just something to think about since Christmas is soon here.

Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.

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