Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Journey With Christ Binder

Well, I started a binder today to put things I need to get done in, different schedules for every day of the week, and Christian articles that I like [and one that I wrote]. It took me a long time, because I cut out pictures in magazines, made the front cover, made up a schedule for every day of the week, and printed out the articles. It took me a while to do that... but oh well, at least I got that done. I really hope that I'll be able to stick to my schedule without it becoming a rush thing for me. Because after Christ gently opened my heart this morning to reveal my hurry sickness [read previous post], I do not want to fall back into that disease -- that trap. So please pray for me in this area. I am a person who really does love a schedule and a routine. I work a lot better like that, and I get more done. So hopefully this works. If you would like to make a binder for yourself, you can go to this website:

I'm not following the website step-by-step. Actually, I'm hardly following it at all. But it gives you an outline to follow if you'd like to. It's actually called a "Home Maker's Binder" on there, but since I'm not a home maker, I call mine "My Journey With Christ Binder." I think it fits lots better for me.
Thank you Emily for the idea!

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