Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spiritual Highs and Lows

Sorry I haven't been posting on here every day. I've been in kind of a slump lately. I haven't been doing my checklist for Proverbs, just reading it. I've been getting up really late. I'm still behind in my World Religions and Creative Writing classes. I've been questioning my music standards. I've been saying the wrong things at the wrong times. I've been stressed. I've been being stretched spiritually [which is not a bad thing]. My patience has been being tested so much lately. Have I been responding to all of these things in the right way? I wish I could say that I have. But I haven't.

I've taken my stress out on my family. My relationship with God hasn't been the way that it should be, because of my own selfishness and foolishness. I have been calling myself a fool lately, because of different things I've said and done. I will admit it right now: I am not perfect. And as long as I'm here on this earth, I won't be. But, I should be striving to be more like Christ. Have I been? Not like I should be. Sometimes I feel like such a complete failure. Yet God accepts me. He accepts me.

I need to be obeying God in ALL that I do, and I will have a successful life. I've been falling back into the whole "hurry sickness" thing again [read post "hurry sickness"]. I hate when I get into these valleys in my walk with Christ, but I realize I must go through these in order to get back up on the mountain. But may my highs not be so high, and my lows not be so low. When my highs with God are so high, then my lows seem very, very low. I need to be taking control of the decisions that I make everyday, of the motivations behind those decisions, and what I believe in and why.

Today I got up late and read Proverbs 29. Then I babysat my little sister for a while, so we baked a cake and watched Scooby Doo. I love my little sister. :] Then I did some homework, then went to the library, then came home and did some more homework. I sent out some emails, and went to the store with Mom. We saw a shooting star on the way home! It was so cool. I love God's beauty. He is so beautiful that He would create all of the variety and beauty of this earth. And to think that Heaven is going to be even more beautiful... just to think of it astounds me.

Something to think about:
Are the choices you're making today going to ashame you when you come before God one day? Because we will all go before God. Of course, you can ask for forgiveness for your past mistakes, but I'm talking about your present. Are your present choices going to make a positive difference for eternity? Or do they only matter here on earth? Are your present choices going to put you to shame when you come before God one day? Or are you striving to live for God in all that you do - in what you wear, in what music you listen to, in who you hang out with, in what you're reading, in where you're going, in the magazines you look at, etc. The world is a sinful and fallen place. But as Christians, as children of God, we have hope because there is a God out there Who cares and Who loves. And if you go to Him and accept Him and follow Him you will be saved, you will live in Heaven with God for eternity. For eternity.

How beautiful God really is!

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Emily said...

Hey Molly!!!
I've been wondering where you've been! I've been praying for you. I really hope you get up again! You reall need to call me sometime...We need to talk. It'd be so much more effective. Haha. I have been through similar situations Molly, just this year actually. It's not fun. And I tend to let that ruin my days. I've been getting up about 5:30 and I do occasionally slip to about 7:30, but then I get up and do my devotions. Which I have been learning about. I really hope you are feeling better spiritually!! And just remember, I'm praying for you!!