Sunday, November 25, 2007


In church today Pastor Bill was talking about being an original. There are so many people today who were born an original [because we all are], but then live and die a copy. I don't know about you, but I don't want to live like that. I don't want to be a copy. All of us were born an original. We were all born a unique original. If you live your whole entire life trying to please everyone else, you're never going to get anywhere. No one everywhere is going to accept you. You may think you fit in, but someone somewhere is going to think you're "weird" - to put it bluntly. "Buuut I want to fit in with THAT group! I don't care what anyone else thinks of me." Why do you try so hard to fit in? Why do you try so hard to copy "her" or to fit in so "he" will notice you? Why do we try so hard to be accepted?

We are accepted!

We are accepted by the Lord Jesus Christ, Who came to live and die for you. He then rose from the grave for you. He broke the power of sin and death for you. He did this so that you could have Salvation if you ask Him for it. He did this because He loves you. He did this because He accepts you if you run to Him and ask Him to. He loves you. He is the only acceptance you will ever need. He is the only Person you will ever need - and even if that seems so hard to accept, believe it. You can be accepted by the "cool" crowd - you can hang out at all the "right" places with all the "right" people - but where is that getting you in life? If anywhere, it's taking you to the wrong place. Usually the "cool" crowd isn't the "right" crowd. And the crowd that isn't "right" usually does "wrong" things. So if you do all you can to "fit in", you'll make choices you'll later regret. You'll lose good friendships. I've seen it happen, so please believe me. Be authentic. Be real. Be who you really, truly, are. Please. God made you authentic, God made you unique, God made you YOU. Don't ever, ever, think that you need to "fit in" in places and crowds where you should not be. Remember that God accepts you JUST AS YOU ARE. And when you die and meet God, your "success" here on earth isn't going to matter at all.

Live looking up. Never live in the past, continually be aware of the choices that you're making in the present, and always look forward to the future.

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Ally said...

Awesome blog Molly!! That is so true!