Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, let's just say that my day wasn't all that great today. I got up late, did my Proverbs while I was annoyed and angry, and didn't get caught up in the subjects I was behind in. I didn't even do them at all. Then I got down about one of my close friends because of something... and I am so tired. Then as I was going through my music on my music player and deleting songs that I used to really like but I know I shouldn't listen to anymore, I felt so... I don't know, just so sad. I hate change, but it's like my life is always constantly changing. But even in the midst of my not-so-great day, I was happy. I said to my mom, "Do you ever feel happy even when you're having a bad day?" And she said, "Yes. It's that inner joy. It's God. It has to be... I don't see how people live without Him." And I don't either.

I want to try to learn something new everyday either about myself, about God, or just about life. I'll try to post about it every day on here.

Something I've been thinking about is people who are down and depressed... a lot of them like that feeling of having self-pity and being depressed and so they feed the depression by listening to depressing music, thinking really hard about things, etc. I've found myself doing it more than once. But it should not be that way! If I am feeling down, I should be listening to encouraging, up-lifting music. I should be praying to God and asking Him to lift me out of the pit of sorrow and depression that I'm in and hold me in His arms. I should be thanking Him for the amazing God that He is. I've been trying to do that more lately, and it works... it definitely helps. Life is hard, but even in the midst of pain, sorrow, depression, stress, etc. I can have joy! In all things and in all situations, I can have that inner joy and peace that only comes from Christ. Okay, yeah, I know, some situations are painful and terrifying and it seems impossible to be able to have joy. So call out to God in those situations and ask Him to give you that joy and that peace. Just call out to Him. He does hear you.

I guess that's the reason Christian music that have lyrics talking about no one being out there annoy me. Because there is Someone out there. There is Someone out there Who cares. There is Someone out there Who loves. There is Someone out there Who will hold you in His arms. And that Someone is God.

I want to encourage you to be REAL. When you go out into the world, full of its different kind of people, be real. Don't change who you are based on where you are.

Natalie Grant put it this way at the Revolve Tour:

R - Reality Check
E - Esteem
A - Authentic
L - Live

Let me add something... You are beautiful. You are God's special creation and He loves you. Don't change who you really are. Be your unique self everywhere you go. Shine for Jesus in everything you do, in every word you say, and in everywhere you go. And please... BE REAL.

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